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21st CCLC Program
Posted on July 14, 2017 in academics

Some things happening in the 21st CCLC Program

  • The K-3rd grade reading class is currently working on a making a puppet theatre.
  • The 4th-8th grade reading class is reading Harry Potter and designing a huge floor
    plan of Dursley’s House.
  • The K-3rd STEM class is currently working designing an aluminum boat that can
    hold 100 pennies.
  • The 4th -8th grade STEM class is working on making bridges using only
    marshmallows, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, electrical wire and tape that can hold
    10 small folders.
  • The K-3rd grade youth development class has been focusing on a book and
    website for The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey. It focuses on the 7 health habits
    for kids which incorporates lessons that can transition into community service
  • The 4th-8th grade youth development class has been learning how to have good
    self-esteem and how to encourage others.
  • The K-3rd grade math class is currently working with manipulatives and
    whiteboards to practice counting and one to one correspondence with Ms. Vicari.
  • The 4th-8th grade math class is currently working on differentiating geometric
    shapes, and place value and sequencing.

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